Among today’s features was 51% humidity, which means (this is for you Arizona folks), that you cannot stand on your front stoop for more than thirty seconds without being drenched in sweat. If you’re like me, your hair will also poof out immediately, allowing you to do a fair impression of Helena Bonham Carter’s Bellatrix Lestrange.

Despite the less-than-desireable weather conditions, I’ve spent much of the day outside: I took Cherry and Ponyboy on a park tour today.  They’ve discovered the joys of the underdog, so of course they each needed several before I could collapse on my own swing for a rest.

Then there was cat sitting to be done.  I’m currently taking care of four different cats at two different houses, so this evening I had an interesting time biking back and forth between the two, making sure all felines were fed and watered, and pausing for a few glorious moments at each house to enjoy the air conditioning.

Now home, I’ve planted myself in front of my fan, and plan to take care of business until 9 or so, at which time I will drop all work and watch this:

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