A Triumph and a Sinking

I forgot to tell you that after scrambling to create a resume, and after an interview with the new President/VP, I’ve been appointed the new Secretary of Student Services.

It’s nice, I must say, to have a win.

What I especially like about this position is that it will allow me to reach out to the same groups I reached out to as a vice presidential candidate.  Further, it will allow me (with help, of course) to enact some of our former platform ideas.

More importantly, and as I’m sure you know, today is the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic.  Supposedly, my great grandmother had a ticket to travel on Titanic, but she missed her train and didn’t make it.  She would have likely been in third class, so it’s doubtful that she would have survived the sinking.

It makes me happy to be here.

It also makes me keener to remember those who weren’t so lucky, and happy that people all over the world are doing the same:



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