Event Planning

More Mental Health Awareness Week events going on today.  At 6:45 the big World Cafe event my committee has been planning will actually take place.  It’s actually happening.  Actual people will show up and eat actual pizza and talk about actual campus issues.  Seems strange.  I think we’re ready, though; I made a game plan for the event this morning, and it has made me feel infinitely more prepared.  I always love a hard copy plan.

In other news, have I told you that I’m running my first 5K in November?  On Thanksgiving Day, to be exact.  I’ve been training with a friend for the past three weeks, and having run a few (relatively) easy two-milers, I think it’s safe to say that we may finish this thing in one piece.  And promptly head home to stuff ourselves with all manner of healthful foods, of course.

Sadly, I must now leave this quiet corner of the library to do more event plotting in the MCSA office.  Talk to you tomorrow!

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