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I’ve been gathering interesting stories for a few weeks now, meaning to compile them for a Friday post.  But then I wanted to write about my 2015/16 readathon, and then I wanted to complain about why it’s unacceptable to talk about the weather in D.C.

I got sidetracked, in short, and meanwhile the links I saved for you have been gathering dust. So here we are, on a Tuesday instead of a Friday, discussing last week’s news.  Let’s do the time warp again …


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My roommates and I — all in our mid-twenties and dating — discuss ghosting frequently. When breaking things off, I tend to favor the “you’re great, but let’s just be friends” text.  It seems kinder, and the way I would prefer to be let down myself.  This article makes a case for ghosting.  Namely, that you don’t owe a near-stranger anything, despite what the constructed intimacy of social media and texting suggests. Still seems cruel to me unless you genuinely feel uncomfortable or unsafe making contact.  And what’s the protocol for someone you do see in “real life?” What do you think? Smells like a dissertation waiting to happen.

Apparently Charlize Theron ghosted Sean Penn to end their relationship … which I’m sure worked well until they ran into each other at

We are the Felicity Generation.  I cut off all of my Felicity doll’s hair, I loved her so.

P.S. Let’s talk sometime about American Girl discontinuing so many of their historical dolls.  RIP Felicity, Molly, Kirsten. You’re the reason I love history the way I do.

Why Slaves’ Graves Matter:

Our country should explore ways to preserve the public memory of enslaved Americans. Their overlooked lives are an inextricable part of the historical narrative of our country — and not simply because they were the “beneficiaries” of the 13th Amendment. We should remember enslaved Americans for the same reason we remember anyone; because they were fathers, mothers, siblings and grandparents who made great contributions to our nation … they offer our contemporary society examples of resilience and humanity. Preserving their memory contributes to our own humanity.

An illustrated guide to all deaths (so far) on Game of Thrones. Time to steel ourselves for another season.

It seems like it happened eons ago (it’s only been a week!), but did you see the Villanova v. UNC game?  My roommates went to bed before it was over, leaving me in the dark — with muted sound — to watch the roller coaster finale.  There was lots of silent screaming, let me tell you.  Yes, the final shot was tremendous, but how about the pass that preceded it?  I love to see generosity and grace on the court.

A candid interview with Alton Brown, who is unapologetic and nerdy and wise:

I’m in a phase in my life where I’m using work, not only because I’m a workaholic but I’m also working to avoid the things that I don’t currently have. I’m 53 and single. That wasn’t supposed to happen. I think I’m one of those people who uses work as avoidance. I’m eventually going to have to deal with myself, but I’m going to wait a little bit.

His Instagram is also weird and wonderful.

A Holocaust survivor takes questions on Reddit:



A look behind the scenes at the Smithsonian’s Natural History Museum.

Speaking of ghosting, there’s an entire Tumblr — compiled by a fifteen-year-old, no less — dedicated to last messages received.  Though some of them are more devastating than a breakup.

Why Brontë heroines endure: because we can’t figure out what the heck they’re up to.  Some interesting points about Jane Eyre vs. Wuthering Heights.  I’ve always preferred the Heights (as my old friend Virginia once noted, “Emily is the better poet”), but perhaps I’ll give Jane another try.

Have a great week! 

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