One Book Everyone Should Read

I have to admit, I’m rapidly remembering why I hated The Daily Post Pact of 2012 so much: a lot of times, I don’t have a good blog post idea within 24 hours.  And even when I do have a good idea, sometimes I don’t have time to craft a post that embodies the research, detail, thought, etc. I initially envisioned.  Often, I’m scrambling at 11:30 to patch together a post out of high school memories and the soggy bottom scrapings from Mac’s documents folder.  I’m not giving up on NaBloPoMo, but let me tell you, it’s difficult.  Props to those bloggers who post twice a day like it’s nothing.  I will never be among your ranks.  Which is probably best for all involved.

That being said, today’s post involved some planning.  Okay, so it mostly involved me posting the following Facebook status:

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I don’t think this question is asked enough, given its importance.  We often ask–whether to break the ice in an orientation, to throw off a suspiciously calm candidate in an interview, or merely to decide whether we should remain friends with someone–“What’s your favorite book?”  Good question.  But not the same: while “What’s your favorite book?” asks you to share the book that has given you the most enjoyment, “What’s one book you think everyone should read?” asks you to share the book that you believe could better the world if read by the masses.  It’s serious business, this book suggesting.  Life-changing business.


Here’s how my friends answered:
Never Let Me Go
The Divine Comedy
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
Phantom Tollbooth
Angels and Demons
“Anything by Austen, Byatt, Krakauer, Maugham or Greene.”
A Wrinkle in Time
The Art of Racing in the Rain
Outlander [book/series]
The Alchemist.  “And a lot of other books.  All books.”
Love is a Mix Tape
Invisible Man
god is not Great
Brave New World
On the Road
A People’s History of the United States
All the King’s Men
The Unbearable Lightness of Being
The Magnus or The Aristos.  Both are completely different but good.  John Fowles in general, really.  Or anything Vonnegut.”
The Time Traveler’s Wife
Till We Have Faces
C.S. Lewis
An Ordinary Man
Les Miserables (unabridged)
Anna Karenina, “It has such compelling characters”
The Celestine Prophecy
Harry Potter series
The Giver

What book[s] do YOU think everyone should read?  

I think every teenager on the planet should be required to read The Diary of Anne Frank. And every adult, too, if they didn’t read it as a teen.

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