Out of Commission

Dear Friends,

I’ve done something to my back.  It’s been sore for weeks now, and this evening I reached down to retrieve my GRE study book from a chair, and something along my lower spinal cord twinged.  It felt as I imagine electrocution would feel.  And since then, about three hours now, I’ve been largely unable to walk.  Bending over is impossible.  It hurts so badly that I had to psych myself up for about five minutes before I got up off my bed to fetch my computer to write this post.

Sorry to complain, but I don’t know what else to talk about, I guess.  The weather was lovely today.  I learned, while working the Social Science Office job, that our psychology department actually has quite extensive research facilities, including an entirely soundproof room for sleep studies.  I believe I’ve found the location for my next nap.  I watched Thor while icing my back.  Pretty good.  Pretty darn good.  I mean, I’m aware that I probably just like it because it’s based in Norse mythology, and because I took a class on Icelandic Sagas freshman year, and because I liked that class.  I’ve been on a bit of a superhero kick lately, between Spiderman and The Avengers and Thor.  And while I still stand by my previous post on the matter, it is interesting to watch the movies, and to develop (as many others, I am sure, have done) a formula of sorts for the genre.

Anyway, I’m going for the ibuprofen again.

Talk to you tomorrow,


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