Thanksgiving Eve

Today, I …

Hid the Ghost Reaper behind Amy’s bedroom door and posed her stuffed German Shepherd in its arms.  Nothing says “welcome home” like a tasteful prank.

Cleaned room, bathroom, and parts of living room and kitchen in preparation for Thanksgiving company.

Rearranged my bookshelf (a task I delight in).  I have my books ordered by genre currently, but someday I want to arrange them by color.  Like this, but less editorial:


Also minus the small dog … would be too tempting for Ruby around snack time.  Photo source:

Worked a three-hour shift.

Went to the grocery store for last-minute miscellany with Mom and Amy.  We wore sweats.  Amy also wore slippers.  Hail to the small town grocery!

Made pumpkin pie, apple/cherry tarts, dinner roll dough, stuffing, and sweet potatoes.  All are currently residing in the “second refrigerator” that is our minivan, parked in the garage.  We joke that if anyone were to steal the van, they would have themselves a nice Thanksgiving feast.  We joke, and then we open the door to the garage a crack to check that all is safe.

Dad and I removed three mouse carcasses from the downstairs air duct.  The poor things fall down the duct and starve to death when they can’t climb back out.  Sad, but also disgusting when you’re trying to watch Survivor and the tangy odor of rotting rodent comes wafting in with the heat.

Made our Christmas lists.  Mine–as usual–includes a combination of books, movies, and practical (electric toothbrush, wool socks).  This year, world peace also made the cut.  We’ll see if Santa comes through.

I’ll be posting tomorrow, too, but in case you feast before then, Happy Thanksgiving!  May your rolls rise and your family gather in droves.


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