The Official Beginning of Summer

Expect a larger post tomorrow.  I’m exhausted from the Big Move, and from the amount of walking around I’ve done.

The funny thing about campus during the summer is that it doesn’t feel like campus; it feels like a bunch of brick buildings clumped together.  The students truly make the school, I’ve realized today.  It’s not the same without them playing frisbee on the Mall and meandering from building to building in clumps of twos and threes.

My consolation is that my new house is darling with dark wood baseboards and doors, and slightly lighter wood floors.  My room is painted sage green (a far cry from my turquoise walls at home, but close enough), and currently holds just a bed, a bookshelf, and a fan.  I’m using a Rubbermaid bin as a nightstand, but it all feels authentically college-y.  We’re supposed to live on crumbs, aren’t we?

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