This Weekend

What I Planned to Do This Weekend:

See Gone Girl and/or The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby

Visit the Holocaust Museum

Make homemade bread

Return a sweater that looked so good in the dressing room, and so terrible at home

Clean house/do laundry

Grocery shop

What I Actually Did:

Walked to the National Mall

Sat down on a bench

Read for hours

I finished Julia Child’s My Life in France and started The Sisters: The Saga of the Mitford Family.  I wore jeans and flannel button-ups.  I ate 3.5 Honeycrisp apples (I was dive-bombed by a huge flock of pigeons while eating the last .5 and dropped it in my hurry to shield my head).  When it actually became chilly (DC, you darling!), I put on a jacket.  I smiled at the good, and frowned at the bad, and passersby thought me utterly rad.
Except for the pigeons, evidently.

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