V for Vendetta

Another movie-heavy post, and I apologize.

But when you walk from your apartment through snow that you didn’t know had fallen, and when the movie you’ve been assigned to watch is actually at the library (though it’s Sunday night), and when there’s a DQ Blizzard waiting for you in the freezer back home but you don’t care, then I think you must write about what the culmination of these events was.

It was “V for Vendetta.”  That was the assigned movie, that was the movie I was given discussion questions for last Tuesday, and the movie I hadn’t watched until tonight, two hours ago.

I guess if you’ve seen it before you know.

I guess you know why halfway through I stopped taking notes and started watching.

And now that it’s over I’m going to reluctantly return it to the library (four hour checkout), pack my backpack, and tromp back through the snow to my apartment, where there are discussion questions waiting for me.  And a Blizzard too.

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