Where the Cool Kids Study

In times of desperation, when even the library doesn’t seem worthy of the magnitude of my task list, I turn to the Science Building.

Strange, I know; I am more out of place here than I am anywhere else on campus.  Further, the place is a maze.  I’ve gotten lost several times, often finding myself at dead ends, being glared at by stuffed snowy owls or plaster dinosaur skulls.

But still, there’s something intriguing about a building sprinkled with mysterious labs and smelling faintly of formaldehyde.  That is why, perhaps, I seem to do my best last-minute cramming here.  It’s as if the alienness of the building frightens me into submission.  Or something like that.

Anyway, the specific spot in the building I tend to gravitate to is beside the snakes.  The snakes are named 8 Ball and Ramses, respectively, and when I’m not cranking out history flashcards or Icelandic Sagas papers, I’m staring at the dear reptiles, hoping they’ll move.

They usually don’t.


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