Amy Turns 21

We had some rough patches in the beginning.

When my sister Amy was a few months old, and we were all riding in the car together, I asked mom if we were going to the hospital.

“No.  Why?”

“So we can put Amy back in your tummy,” I replied, as if a long consultation with McDreamy had assured me that such a procedure was possible.

More carnage is sadly displayed on hours and hours of home video footage: Holly pushing Amy off the miniature trampoline.  Holly “helping” Amy to open her birthday gifts.  Holly never missing an opportunity to steal the spotlight.

Somehow, the bullying didn’t faze Amy much.  There are just as many clips of Amy sharing her toys with Holly, Amy consenting to appear in nonsensical plays Holly wrote, Amy grinning good-naturedly in the background as Holly sings an off-key rendition of “Twinkle, Twinkle.”



Thankfully, that’s all over now.  Amy has come into her own, without requiring any sort of permission from me.

She’s currently a junior at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.  She holds a leadership position at UW’s publication, The Daily Cardinal.  She’s working an internship this summer, studying abroad this fall, and graduating a semester early.

She’s a goofy, observant, brave, patient, friendly, intelligent, fashionable (I could go on) young lady who these days teaches me much more than I used to “teach” her.



This kid is my best friend.

Happy birthday, Johnny.

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