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First and foremost,

Blogs Written by My Friends:

A Prairie Populist: Josh writes topical posts on Minnesota writers, history, and — for a fun twist — bioethics.  He also once sent me the following text:

“Paul Giamatti is behind me and I think I’m going to cry.”

That’s why we’re friends.

Keep Your Feet: Amelia and I went to high school and college together; in fact, her blog was what inspired me to create one of my own.  She is a fellow English major, recent college graduate, and just released a new summer posting plan, so if you’re interested in books, art, or orchards (I mean, what’s not to love?), check out her blog.


Sophisticated Dorkiness: This is a recent discovery, though Kim and I have the same alma mater and she’s someone I used to hear about a lot on campus (she lives in our college town and writes for the local newspaper).  Kim’s blog is a trove of book reviews, book news, and my personal favorite, all of the details about what she’s reading and how she’s reading (I’m always interested in how fellow readers operate: do they set goals for themselves?  Use the library?  Alternate genres?).


The Everywhereist: Geraldine is hilarious, and yes, she’s been everywhere.  Don’t be startled by how many pictures there are of her and her husband kissing.  You get used to it after a while.


Capitol Hill Style: A must read if you’re a young woman working in a professional environment and are looking for tips on what to wear to the office, office etiquette, career development, etc.  Belle used to work on Capitol Hill, so her blog often features DC/government topics as well.

The Small Things Blog: Tons of hair and makeup tutorials for those of us who struggle to apply eyeliner without blinding ourselves.  Kate is warm and funny, and her blog is a calming space to hang out in when my fire swamp of a bedroom drags me down.


Joy the Baker: Everything Joy makes just looks so darn tasty (not to mention aesthetically pleasing).  I have yet to try one of her recipes, but I’ve been reading and pinning them for years.  Now, if I only had an ice cream maker

The Pioneer Woman: Always and forever.  Her recipes are delicious.  Your arteries may tighten when you read how much butter is involved, but for a special occasion, her recipes are delicious.  Plus, she includes a photograph for every step of the recipe.  No need to ever again wonder is it supposed to look like this??!! while cooking.


Healthy Tipping Point: Written by Caitlin, the founder of Operation Beautiful, this blog is a satisfying combination of “what I did today” posts and topical posts about fitness, food, mental health, feminism, and parenting.  It’s refreshing to read a health blog that is more than simply eating and working out: I eat kale and do 250 burpees and oh wait, JUICE CLEANSE. 


A Cup of Jo: I’m certainly not alone in saying that this is my favorite blog of all time.  Joanna and her team write about everything: style, relationships, motherhood, food, design, and beauty, and they write about it candidly.  I actually read the comments as well as the posts, because the post topics prompt such interesting (mostly civil!) discussions and story sharing.  I love the Motherhood Around the World series and the My Beauty Uniform series.

RIP (no new posts, but awesome archives still exist):

Young House Love: DIY made so straightforward that even I (who celebrated using 3M hooks to hang a calendar) am inspired to attempt. A mere few weeks after a friend alerted me to this blog, posts ceased.  Though Sherry and John said otherwise, I blame you, comment trolls.

Nothing But Bonfires: Holly writes about, among other things, Evan Dando, her time at an all-girls English boarding school, and what to get your dad for his next birthday.  She had a baby and the posts ceased, which I guess is understandable; I’ve heard babies can take up some of your free time.


In other news ….

What are you up to this weekend?

I’m going to a library book sale, baking something (maybe this?), and studying for the GRE (aka pushing through my — some might say deliberate — inability to recall high school math).

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  1. Thanks so much for the shoutout, Holly! I’m really glad you made this post–I’ve been looking for some other blogs to follow! These look like some great ones! To answer your weekend-related question, I’ll be accompanying my younger brother to the movies and reading lots of books. :)

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