D.C. Deserves Snowball Fights, Too

Today was another snow day.

I know what you’re thinking: How spoiled those D.C. Robin Wright wannabees are.  They never have to hike through unshoveled mounds or jump their frozen cars at six a.m.  When the weather even hints at turning dastardly, they get to stay home from work and look at Leo memes.  

It’s all true.



Imagine, though, a city that doesn’t see snow very often.  A city that doesn’t get to enjoy snow very often.

Don’t we deserve some frolic time?

So once we’ve worked through our guilt for having picked McConaughey for Best Actor, we young folks go outside.

And we snowball on the National Mall.



It wasn’t the best snowball fight I’ve ever been part of, mostly because it seemed to consist of periodic charges from either side, punctuated by awkward standing around.
It was also a great snowball fight, because when the teams did charge, we all yelled dramatic lines:
“You can take away our shields, but you’ll never take our freedom!”
“For Leo, greatest actor on the planet!”
I take credit for the “FOR NARNIA” charge.
We made the news, because most people were huddled at home, and so of course the news teams had to come out and cover a group of hooligans snowballing each other on a national landmark.
You can even see me.  I’m the one in the red hat, sunglasses, yellow scarf.  Note that I am not actually throwing a snowball in any shot.  That’s because I literally spent most of the fight standing around and thinking about how the fight could be made more interesting.  Building defenses, making people who were hit fall down, involving nearby tourists, etc.  That’s how my brain works.

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