Edging Forward

Let’s start with the important stuff:


I spent a lot of my childhood watching Star Wars in my next door neighbor’s basement.  Her older brother had all three on VHS, and sometimes he had the gall to try to hide them from us (along with the cords to his N64).  Needless to say,

“I find your lack of faith disturbing.”

I spent the weekend doing what I do best: I sat outside, and I read.


I finished Jojo Moyes’ The Girl You Left Behind (a mashup of Monuments Men, The Girl with the Pearl Earring, and Sarah’s Key; an engrossing period romance, but didn’t knock my socks off the way Me Before You did) and Rainbow Rowell’s Landline (Intriguing concept, though a little forced; I thought the story wasn’t compelling enough to match the idea).  I started to reread Michael Perry’s Truck (I read his books when I need a reminder to be thoughtful, reverent about everyday writing).


I also decided — in a typical, lying in bed unable to sleep flash of clarity — to start studying for the GRE again, based on the following logic: I love to learn.  I will always be happiest whilst learning.  I will never not love to learn.  I know I want an advanced degree.  I know I want an advanced degree before I turn 30.  It will be worth it to me, this advanced degree, even if I can’t find a professorial position afterward (a peace of mind, I’ve been told, that’s essential). I haven’t decided what to study yet (Literature?  History?  Museum studies?), but for now, I’ll just take one step towards it.

In fact, for someone like me who is daunted by big decisions, and who tends to — sometimes literally — hide from said big decisions, this is probably a useful way to think: take one step towards it.  Any step.  Just edge forward.


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