Hey guys.  That GRE post was heavy.  True and important to share, but heavy.  So, for the sake of balance, and because I’m giddy with coffee and because it’s Friday, let’s talk about what’s been making us laugh this week.

Here’s my list:

I don’t love cats, but even I wouldn’t wish the “mildew and death damp” on anyone who kept a cat.

Killing cats is the most popular movement ever started,” he wrote, “and the jolliest. Everybody smiles and kills cats and then smiles. Smiles come first and smiles come last, and cats pass out between.

Charming, Mr. Sayre.

I went to a gallery talk in the Library’s Exploring the Early Americas exhibit last week, and laughed for an awkwardly long time at this painting:


The bird on the right kills me.  He’s just so chubby and grumpy.

He shall be my spirit animal.

The blog When You Work at a Museum is a hilarious (and anonymous) peek behind the scenes, and its meme use is on point.

Spotted: Taylor Swift hanging out in the Twin Cities.

Punk rock literary tote bag.  If I didn’t already have a closet full of tote bags, I would need to own this.  Well, actually, I still need to own this.

Speculation over who will be the next Speaker of the House (third in line for the presidency!) has rocked Washington these past few weeks.  The Republican party is undergoing some ch ch ch ch changes, and let’s just say that the other side of the aisle is enjoying watching them scramble:


Due to a lease turnover and a roommate shuffle, we’ve been without internet these past few weeks.  I won’t claim to be immune to the draw of the Netflix, but let me tell you, it was nice to revert to simpler times.  Because you know what I did without internet?  I called my family every other day (I think I started to annoy them, actually.  Like, “Good Lord, it’s our eldest again. Whose turn is it to keep her occupied?”).  I read.  I cleaned.  I helped surprise a friend on her birthday.  I started to memorize Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech (in preparation for holiday parties, of course).  I made soup and froze half for a rainy day.

And I watched the Lord of the Rings extended editions.  Films, films with commentary, and, best of all, bonus material:

I curse the fates every day that Viggo Mortensen is spoken for.

Happy weekend, everyone.  Go hug your cats.

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