Happy Friday, my friends! Let’s catch up, shall we?

I’m currently sitting cross-legged on my bed, a pile of almost-but-not-quite overdue library books teetering on the shelves above me. I’m trying to pawn my apple chips off on you. They were an impulse buy at Target, and I hate them. Want some?

I’ve been busy lately, I tell you. Busy at work, busy with social engagements.

(You can roll your eyes; yes, I just said ‘social engagements.’)

The busy at work involved helping out at a Country Music Association Songwriters Series concert at the ‘ole LC. Honestly, I’m not much of a country music fan.  But listening to veteran songwriters talk about and joke about and demonstrate their craft was enlightening and made me realize how little I pay attention to songwriters.  For example, when Mac Davis sang In the Ghetto, I thought, “Oh, okay.  He’s doing an Elvis song.” Nope.  He was doing a Mac Davis song.

Want to know what I’ve not been busy doing? Reading. I feel guilty about this. This weekend I think I’ll park it on the National Mall with a blanket, non-apple chip snacks, and a stack of books.

I wish I could participate in the Readathon that’s happening tomorrow, but I have a zoo date in the morning (have to check up on my baby Bao Bao) Are you doing the Readathon? What’s in your pile?


Other items of interest from the week:

The tough stuff: charging the “moral complicity” of a former Auschwitz-Birkenau SS guard

Stunning animal portraits

Alton Brown’s words of wisdom

Your poetry fix: How to be Perfect, and printable poems for you to carry around on Poem in your Pocket Day (April 30)

Carey Mulligan is a true New Yorker

The unfussy pizza crust recipe I got from my friend Elizabeth.  When you crave homemade pizza, you can now have it in 30 minutes.  Use this power wisely.

IMG_4803Have a good weekend!


Note that my observations and opinions do not reflect those of the Library of Congress.

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