In Which I Stop Sulking About Spring And Do Something Productive

I’ve always pushed back against spring.  While there is inevitable delight in warm weather after the kind of winters I’ve grown up with, I enjoyed it as little as possible.  Avoided it when I could.  Ignored the tulips, the puddles, the t-shirts, the giddiness.

Simply put, spring has always meant the end of school.  And I’ve dreaded the end of school for my whole life.*

Now graduated, I’m slowly coming around to spring.  It’s the first time that spring doesn’t mean the end of anything except for winter.  And it is a little glorious.  I guess.

Mainly, I’m coming around to spring because it seems a perfect time to make some goals, the big one being that I will


Bold, I know.

The closest I’ve gotten since I’ve been recording was 88 books between April 2010 and April 2011.  I suspect that I’ve done 100 before; back in high school (particularly during the “dark time” I mention after the asterisk at the end of this post) I was blazing through one book a day.  But that was before work, before school became challenging, before the Internet became a real contender in my life.

In recent years, I’ve tended closer to 50 per year.  Which is why I think I need a boost.

This challenge comes with only one rule:

1. I have to continue to read only what I feel like reading.  That is, I cannot allow my goal of reading 8.3 books per month keep me from reading delightfully long books or difficult books, even if said time-consuming tomes jeopardize said goal.

Does anyone want to join me?  I started counting on April 1st, but you could certainly do May 1st if you don’t have a record from April.

Let’s stop sulking about the darn tulips and do something productive!




*Save for my freshman year of high school, when I was looking forward to the end from the first day.  But that was a dark time.

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