Just Around the Riverbend


Last weekend I went kayaking on the Potomac River with friends and then ate a large, delicious brunch.  It was exactly what I wanted to do to celebrate turning 25, and it was glorious.

I’d never been kayaking before, but shockingly, there was no flipping, barrel rolling, or other embarrassing incidents.

Okay, at one point the current dragged me across the river from my group and I spent the next fifteen minutes trying to turn back, with little success.  And okay, at another point the current almost pulled me into some half-sunken boulders.  The handy thing about kayaking is that you can blame “the current” for almost anything.

I wish I had more photos to show you, because it was a beautiful, miraculously cool day on the water, and the banks were wooded enough that you could easily forget you were in a city.  But I’m simply not stupid enough to bring my phone into a boat I am maneuvering.

In other, but metaphorically-related news:

My GRE test date is coming up; I take the test on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been studying for coming up on five months now, so for this last week, I’m mostly trying not to make myself crazy.  No cramming, no worrying, no practice tests.  I’m focusing instead on getting lots of sleep, looking over my notes, and planning logistically for test day (when to leave the house, what to bring, etc.).

It helps to know that I’ve taken this test before, and that my practice scores have been pretty consistently where I want them to be.

Still, send a few happy thoughts if you can spare them, okay?

P.S. Kayaking theme song:

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