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Last week was A Week.  Some weeks we gaze at the news from afar, and other weeks we lift it up and carry it on our shoulders.

I don’t think I can say much about Cecil the Lion that hasn’t already been said.  Yes, it was unthinkably cruel — not to mention illegal.  Yes, those responsible should be tried.  Yes, it’s gotten more attention than stories of human murders have as of late.  And that’s not right.

But in the end, if a piece of news brings us together, gives us dialogue, whether on social media or at the water cooler, I think that’s something.  Let’s keep the dialogue going.

In other news … 

My week was dotted with pockets of intrigue and suspense, all because of In the Woods, by Tana French.  It’s the story of an Irish detective investigating the murder of a girl in the same community where two of his friends disappeared when he was a child.  I’m not one to read mysteries or thrillers or –heaven forbid — horror books, because they get in my head and I can’t get them out again.  I still occasionally wake up in a panic over scary movies I watched at middle school sleepovers.  But In the Woods came highly recommended, and it didn’t disappoint.  It was engrossing, well-developed, and well-paced, so much so that I forgive Ms. French the unsatisfying ending.  If you’re like me, though, you may need to put it down a half-hour before bed and read a nice children’s book instead.

In an effort to steep in the nice for a while, I’m currently reading The Royal We, by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan.  Goodreads reviewers essentially say, “Yes, it’s Will and Kate fanfiction.  Yes, it’s still immensely enjoyable.”  So far I agree.

Did you know deep sea whales were a thing?  Me neither.

Speaking of whales, the loneliest in the world?  Poor guy has a beautiful singing voice!  I’d let him buy me a drink.

The George Washington University men’s basketball team honors veterans during their National Mall workout.

Excuse me while I nerd out for a second over new discoveries in my darling Jamestown.  P.S. I’M GOING THERE IN MERE WEEKS, TRA LA TRA LA.

Sad to hear of another blow to the arts: the University of Akron Press has been closed.  But it’s not going gently into that dark night.  Sign the petition here.

The Whale Wars crew is alive and well and doing good.

Which presidential candidate do you side with?  If you’re like me and have trouble keeping track of who believes what, this quiz may help.

A video short of kids being treated to a seven-course meal at a $220/head restaurant.  The kid who pouts all through the entrees and then perks up for dessert?  That’s me.  And toasting the Pledge of Allegiance and vampires is always in vogue.

Here’s to another week of dialogue and wonder.  And whales.  A plethora of whales.

P.S. The curtain wire has been restored.  All thanks to the local hardware store and choice profanities.

(Photo taken at the Tower of London)

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