Let Me Catch You Up


Intriguing title. Disgusting recipe (although I didn’t make it, so let me know if it’s actually delicious).


Grammar error! North Branch, MN, shame on you!


Delicious gyros at the Soho Cafe in Uptown, Minneapolis. By the way, sorry for the poor pictures. Sometimes my phone does well, sometimes (mainly in poor lighting), it suffers terribly.


The Gentleman Caller and I saw “Urinetown the Musical” at the Jungle Theatre last night. It was a rehearsal show, so we got in for free (with $5 donation). I had no idea that the public was invited to rehearsals like that-and it ran smoothly and without directorial interruptions just like a regular show.


Brief sunshine one morning last week. Otherwise, it’s been raining for about three weeks straight.


Chicks in the feed store this afternoon. Ever since I was little, we’ve been going into the local feed store for dog food, and I’ve peeked in on the chicks when they’re there in the spring.


Why, hello!

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