Phone Poem

If all of the notes in my cell phone – notes for stories, grocery lists, bits of description, talking points for student government discussions, forgotten recipes – were put together into one epic poem stretching from October 2012 until now, this would be it:

Ramen in a cup of hot


Can’t be consecutively

I like that things would stay in

Flux; underrepped groups would

Have a chance

Groups should reapply

BC leadership defines a group

Mission statement is reinterpreted

Differently every year


6tbs flour

2 tbs sugar

.5 tsp soda

1/8 tsp salt

4 tbs milk

1 tsp oil

.5 tsp vanilla

Self shared to be meaningful

Aware of self?

Self built!  Must be constructed, ‘upkept’ to exist:

Clarissa has cloister time to build, Mrs. Ramsay has no alone time.

Yellow Tail liter and .5 merlot

Tuesday 3-close

Steeped in family and ham with cheesy potatoes

Died when he was twelve, ran across Dale to get to that park.

Some members run UPS stores, some live out of RVs, some drive trains, some are nurses.

They lost me when they started quoting scripture in pursuit of all the ways in which the Baptist church is erroneous.  I really just wanted to eat my pear in silence.  Teresa pink lip liner left after the rest of the color faded back to flesh.


Is this all I’m worth as a college-educated American worker?  Opening boxes

“I wonder when he’ll start talking to me again.  I’ve never pissed him off this bad before.”

Stole pizza

Friends mom


Radio show

You may not know the name of everyone sitting around you, but you’ve seen their face before.

Catholic school park


Specific that you don’t get at Morris


Presidential elections: what it means to be on an engaged campus while momentous world events are happening.

Winter cold no cancellations: bitterness

Noon LaFave, 10:30 mic check on Mall

His face and hands were faintly dusty from the corn … a chickadee sang a few trees away.  Until then, their song had always signaled that things would be all right …

Men watches cigars body building motorcycles sexy women

Blind Preacher Rd., Spooky Nook Rd. (PA)

Pretty nail color

What song would most annoy Evan?

Good mood busy.

Three things I truly love to shop for: books, beauty products, and groceries.

Like when the Millenium Falcon switches into light speed and all the stars seem to slow for a second and then lengthen and then you realize how fast you’re going.

People impress me in the morning.  Impress me with their humor, their tenacity, their energy.

Girl took time to put bump in ponytail.

Taxi driver-story of hip replacement.

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