Sidewalk Finds


Things I’ve Found on the Sidewalks of D.C. and Carried Home

2 bookshelves

12 books

A sauce pan

A nonstick skillet

A roasting pan with removable rack

A toaster

Oven mitts

A clothing rack

A desk (schlepped through Winter Storm Jonas)

[Update 6/2016] a framed Degas print from the Met (found on the way to dinner. Carried for two miles. Didn’t drop, amazingly.)

[Update 7/2016] a wooden shelf, painted white

Need a random household item?  Give me a week.


P.S. May the Fourth be with you!

P.P.S. It’s hard to believe that exactly a year ago today, I was just beginning to think about graduate school.  And now I’m really, really going.  More on that later.

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