The College of William and Mary, Part 2

Cue the theme music:

I knew it had to be William and Mary from the moment I first saw the campus last summer. When I realized Jamestown is a few miles away, Colonial Williamsburg mere blocks away. When I bought a sweatshirt, having not even applied yet.

When I took the call from Williamsburg, stumbling into an empty office at work to hear I’d been accepted. And then sobbed like a fool as I told my coworkers, called my parents, my sister.

When I walked onto campus last February for the open house and felt at home. With the program, the professors, the students, in the old brick history building.

It’s the place for me, in short, and I’m glad to tell you I’ll be entering their yearlong history MA program in August.

I can’t wait for this magnificent adventure to begin, but in the meantime, I’m soaking up DC, filling out forms, preparing to move, and studying for the required language exam (college German, why have you forsaken me?).

Talk to you soon.

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