The Newest Family Member

I meant to post this while it was still Halloween, but became distracted checking out everyone’s costumes on Facebook.  So it goes.

What I wanted to say while it was relevant is that things change when this guy comes out of storage every year:

My dad bought him on a whim at Menards a few years back.  It wasn’t Halloween yet, so dad placed him just inside my bedroom door.  He was a pleasant surprise when I came home for Fall Break.  He stood by our front steps to greet the trick-or-treaters on Halloween.  Then, because dad couldn’t bear to put him away so soon, he got to wait in my sister’s room for her to come home for Thanksgiving Break.
This year, mom and dad put him together the day before Halloween, so I only endured one night of having my heart stop every time I saw his gauze-draped 6-feet out of the corner of my eye.  Late night drinks of water become the stuff of horror movies with him guarding the living room.  Poor Ruby sprinted under the table, terrified, after a stray flick of her tail set him off into his sarcastic song-and-dance routine.
Did I mention he sings?
And his eyes light up red and blue?
And his body lights up with LED flashes?
And that his head moves from left to center to right in a halting dance that reminds me of the Tae Bo warmup?
His official title is “Ghost Reaper”** if you’re looking for a cheery addition to your home decor.  For a modest fee, I believe he also does weddings.
**Note: The makers/sellers of this product did not ask me to write a review.  Nor did we receive this fine fellow free of charge.

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