The Pope Comes to Washington


Early Thursday, two colleagues and I tumbled out of the Library of Congress after a long morning of working events, and as we pressed our noses through the barriers segmenting Capitol Hill, a police officer informed us that the motorcade would be by shortly.  So we waited.  And sure enough, there was the Fiat.  And in the Fiat was the Pope.  We waved at him and he grinned through the open window and waved back.  There was no one else around; he waved to us.

I only have one blurry picture of this moment because I was busy furiously waving back.

Later, we were in the crowd standing outside the Capitol as the Pope held his hand over us:

Father of all, bless [the children]. Bless each of them. Bless the families. Bless them all. And I ask you all please to pray for me. And if there are among you any who do not believe or cannot pray, I ask you to please send good wishes my way.

I’ll never forget it.

There may have been a bit of an ugly cry, Boehner-style.


I don’t agree with everything Pope Francis preaches, but I believe he is an extraordinary person, and the world desperately needs him.

P.S. Favorite Pope visit quote:

In Buenos Aires, how many women are telling me, ‘My son is 30 or 34 years old and my son isn’t getting married. What do I do?’ And I say, ‘Don’t iron his shirts anymore.’

P.P.S. Pope blesses baby pope


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