This Place


To you:

I post few and far between.  I may never post more than that.  This blog has a strange name that even I don’t fully understand, but it made me laugh at the time, so it’s still there.  I try to divide things into categories: I’ll talk about books, personal stuff, history, Fridays.  But really, I just write what I feel like writing and looking back, am glad to have so many states of mind represented, from hopeful to thinly-veiled panic.

I make no excuses nor promises, and have in many ways lost the vaunted ambitions I once had for this blog, but I am grateful to have a place here. This place is haphazardly built from rants and lists and experiments and bad poetry, but it enriches my life in no small way to write when I can.

What I want to say is: I’m grateful that you hang out here with me.




Illustration by Garth Williams

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