What’s Going On

These sorts of posts always need soundtracks.  Here’s one I filched from the Coens:

What’s going on right now is that I’m sitting on my bedroom floor writing to you.  I’m down here because I just did yoga for the third time in my life, and I’m not sure my jelly hips and legs and arms will acquiesce to move for at least another hour.  I’m also sitting on the floor because once Mom (the forever favorite) goes to bed, Ruby sometimes pushes open my bedroom door to visit.  If I sit on the floor, she’ll even flop down next to me and huff out a tolerant sigh.  So here I am.  I take what I can get when it comes to canine affection.

What’s going on in my life is mostly waiting.

Waiting to hear about a job.

Waiting to hear about a job so I know if I need to move cross-country in a very short period of time.

Waiting to hear about a job so I know if I need to begin packing, or visit dear Morris, or say goodbyes, or pick which books get to come with me, or write exultant letters to cousins abroad, or purchase some big girl pantsuits.

I’m currently reading a book by the talented Mr. Krakauer.



I read Into the Wild a few years ago (highly recommended if you like anything about nonfiction or the outdoors or survivalism or Alaska or minimalist lifestyles).  Into the Wild had some dark undertones and so, perhaps not so coincidently, does Under the Banner of Heaven.  It’s about the Mormon Fundamentalist faith, and specifically about a pair of murders justified by the murderers in the context of Mormon Fundamentalism.  Given the content, it shouldn’t be surprising that this is a tough read.  But worthwhile, I think, to understand why the murders happened and how this oft-politically veiled religion operates.

Another thing going on is that I seem to have fallen asleep at the wheel and woken up, shocked, to find myself in the midst of the holiday season.  Complete with 6+ inches of snow and below-zero temperatures.  Suddenly, getting the mail in my pajamas is out of the question.  Going barefoot is a death wish.  I spend more time letting the Subaru warm up than it takes to drive to my destination.  Welcome to December in Minnesota.  (Did I mention that this job prospect involves warmer climes?)

Lastly, a safari gone wrong?  Darwin’s theory in action?  The Lion King 5?



Why, no.  It’s only Cabela’s decor.  Because Christmas shopping just isn’t exciting enough without the circle of life modeled via taxidermy.  For the record, I tried to buy the set for Amy’s present, but the Cape Buffalo wouldn’t consent to being spray painted red and green.

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